Ethernet Network Switches
Through a strategic partnership with the Accton Group, Energynet providesproducts suitable forany application, be it core, carrier or last mile.

Accton was founded in February 1988 by a small group of young engineers, dedicated to the design of Token-Ring and Ethernet products. Since then, Accton has become a global OEM/ODM leader in advanced networking and communication equipment. Publicly listed in Taiwan in November 1995, Accton has its international headquarters in Taiwan's Science-based Industrial Park in Hsinchu. With more than 2500 employees worldwide, Accton has developed preeminent networking products and is renowned for its technological expertise, breadth and flexibility.

Edge-Core and SMC are brands of the Accton Group.

  • Edge-Core Networks Corporation is a professional networking solution provider offering a complete range of enterprise-level, service provider/carrier Ethernet, LAN/connectivity, and home security networking equipment and services to partners around the world. From SOHO, SMB, and MSO, to data centers, service providers, and medium-to-large enterprises, Edge-Core has the scalable, converged networking solution to best fit customer needs.

  • A leading provider of networking solution for the SMB/e and the SOHO, SMC puts more than 40 years’ experience to work in every product and solution and company manufactures.